"Delivering a kind of soulful-folk-pop reminiscent of the queens of the 90’s, infused with a contemporary heartbeat and narrative. For your heartstrings and your future days of heartbreak."

-City of Tenants

"Dubie synthesizes the dreaminess of longing with the melancholy of loss"

-Elmore Magazine

"Strangers is not only beautiful and insightful for its lyrics, but for its arrangements, melodies, harmonies, layers, and sounds you can't quite put your finger on"

-The Aural Premonition

"Dubie’s voice fits perfectly in the adult-alternative space constructed around it. It’s the sort of compelling track that I hate tagging with that genre name, because it’s so tight, evocative, and lively"

-Independent Clauses

"electronic textures, weightier lyrical themes, and full-band arrangements made their way into the songs that would later become Strangers"

-Open Ears Music

"Casey Dubie is one of those singer/songwriters that most of the genre want to be"

-Audio Fuzz

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